• St. 美高梅网址学校使用SchoolSpeak与家庭交流. 每个家庭成员都有一个用户名和密码.
•请登录您的 SchoolSpeak帐户 更新你的所有信息. If there are two households, we must have contact information for both households.
• If you need help with your SchoolSpeak帐户 please contact the school office or email Laura Garcia at garcia@www.royalfoodsindia.com.
•学生成绩, 作业, 电子邮件爆炸, family PTO hours and signups can be accessed online through SchoolSpeak.
• Occasionally the students will receive an envelope with paperwork that needs to be signed and returned the next day. 你会收到一封电子邮件,通知你它将被发送回家.
• St. Rita administration and room parents also communicate regularly via e-mail and phone.
• PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) will regularly send a newsletter via e-mail; this newsletter will include important information for the upcoming week.
St. 美高梅网址学校网站, 脸谱网, Instagram 对父母来说是很好的资源吗.

7:50 a.m. ——第一个钟
•tk -3年级在东校区柏油路按班级排队.
•4 -8年级在西校区的柏油路上排队.
• In the case of morning rain, children will go directly to their classrooms.
7:55 a.m. – Second Bell, classes begin (students are marked tardy after the 2nd bell)
每周二:学生参加八点a.m. 穿制服做弥撒. 学生必须先到教室报到.

• Students arriving late must check in at the front office and they will be escorted to class.

9:30 -10:00 a.m.

10:20-10:40 a.m.
•1 -8 -零食和休息
11:30 a.m.- 12:15p.m.
12:20-12: 55 p.m.
•1 -8 -午餐和休息

• 3:00 p.m. 星期一、星期二、星期三和星期五解雇.
• 2:00 p.m. 每周四都因教职员会议而被解雇.

All Students who have not been picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal will be escorted to 儿童俱乐部 (drop in fees apply).

St. 每日可用的放学后照顾
•儿童俱乐部是St. 美高梅网址学校延长了日托项目. 它从下午3点到6点向所有学生开放.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and on Thursday from 2:00-6:00 p.m. 提前解雇. 儿童俱乐部 is available from the first day of school through the last day of school. Drop-in or occasional-use rates also are available once the enrollment fee is paid. 你的文件夹里有报名表. 儿童俱乐部的费用将被添加到您的事实帐户.

St. 美高梅网址有两个校区

•TK - 3级


St. 美高梅网址·丘奇-奥马利大厅
• Below church building, accessed from lower church parking lot off Grandview

• P.E. 设备间


Parents who wish to pull up and drop off their child(ren) have two supervised A.M. 区. 请不要下车.
• Travel north on 鲍德温大街nue and turn right onto Alegria Avenue. 在“禁止停车区”前停车,把车停在停车场. A faculty/staff will assist your child(ren) out of the car on the curbside (only) and direct them down the sidewalk to the school steps onto the east campus (grades TK-3).

• 西校区 students may be dropped off on the south side of Olive Avenue which is a “no parking zone”. 把车向前开,停好. A faculty/staff will assist your children out of the car on the curbside (only) and direct them down the steps onto the west campus. NO turning left from 鲍德温大街nue during drop off or during pick-up. 从美景大道的奥本大道进入奥立弗大道.

Parents are welcome to park in the church parking lot or on the street and walk students to either campus in the morning. Double parking is a violation of traffic laws and is subject to ticketing. Children should never cross outside of crosswalks or exit vehicles on the street side. 孩子们不应该在大人不在场的情况下冒犯鲍德温.

下午的搭讪电话-三个监督的电话.M. 区

车辆从美景大道东边的车道进入, wait for your child to be assisted into your car and then exit out the west driveway back onto Grandview Avenue. (马蹄模式). 排队时要把车停好. 请将您的姓名牌显示在您的仪表盘上. 老师将协助您的孩子上车并系好安全带.

接车的地方在奥利弗大道的南边. 这不是停车线. Cars should move along so that students are able to be picked up safely and efficiently. If students are delayed, drive around the block and re-enter the line. 不阻塞交通吗. 请记住, 转弯, stopping in front of driveways or red 区 are not only illegal but also unsafe for your children. 开车前一定要系好安全带.

在雨天 东校区学生在加拉堂等候接机. Parents drive into the church parking lot off Grandview Avenue and continue up the driveway to the Gara Hall entrance (double doors across from church) for pick-up. 然后汽车从一个 只右转 在鲍德温大道. 请将您的姓名牌显示在您的仪表盘上. TK, K & 1st grade parents, please notify your teachers of how you will pick up your child daily.

学生们要穿校服.E. 在指定的日子穿制服,除非是弥撒日.

请参阅圣. 美高梅网址校服 Quick Reference Guide, included in your orientation folder. 此外,关于St. 美高梅网址的统一的指导方针, please refer to the Uniform Dress Code in the 家长手册 and on the school website.

40 E. 山麓大街. 世外桃源
(626) 272-0680

(626) 287-1994

St. Rita与FACTS签订合同, a tuition management service widely used by private and faith-based schools. 学费 is collected by electronic debit or charged to a credit card on the 5th or the 20th of the month. 学费 is divided over a10 month period: August-May (traditional payment plan). 学生的学费在7月收取.

All families must register with 事实的学费 Management no later than May 30. 2021
唯一的例外是全额付款账户, 可以在8月1日前直接支付给学校办公室, 2021.

篮球,保龄球,足球,女子垒球,高尔夫,田径 & 田径、越野、排球
• 童子军: Cub Scout / Boy Scout /Daisies / Brownies / Junior Girl Scout
•演讲 & 辩论队

Beginning in the third grade, students may participate in the cross country/track program. Beginning in fifth grade, students may participate in basketball, football, volleyball. 6-8年级的女生可以加入垒球队.

Each family is required to participate in the 代币计划 during the school year. Please see the Scrip handout included in your orientation folder for more details. 留意特殊奖励,考虑使用福利应用程序.

•所有圣. Rita families are required to fulfill 35 Parent Participation Hours each school year, 可以通过在PTO董事会任职来实现, 主持活动摊位, 志愿服务, 赞助, 项捐款, 等.
• Please see the Parent Participation Hours handout included in your orientation folder and the 家长手册 for more information.
• All parent volunteers must report to the office before entering a classroom or a volunteer location and wear a visitor’s badge while volunteering on campus.

VIRTUS is a best practices program designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote “right doing” within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 博洛尼亚在线. All parent volunteers are required to attend one Virtus training and complete fingerprinting before any interaction with students.